These are just some of Baystate Health's achievements in 2021 to improve the health of the people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion.


Baystate Health
Recognized for Quality of Care

In 2021, we earned many national recognitions including awards and distinctions from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and others.

Awarded to Baystate Health

Baystate Wing Hospital Earned Stroke Care Award

Baystate Wing Hospital received the Paul Coverdell National Stroke Program award for Achieving Door Imaging (CT Scan) in less than 25 minutes from arrival for at least 75% of our stroke patients. This award shows Baystate Wing’s commitment to using nationally recognized research-based guidelines backed by the latest scientific evidence.


of our stroke patients received CT Scan in less than 25 minutes from arrival

OR/Interventional Construction

Construction began on new operating rooms and intervention rooms at Baystate Medical Center to account for the latest technological advances, to streamline the location, and provide larger space for surgery and procedures. The project includes 24 new operating rooms, eight new heart and vascular and neuro interventional procedure rooms, and 80 prep/recovery bays. Once completed, key benefits of the project will include updated imaging systems and technology and close proximity for emergency procedure use. The project, approved by the MA Department of Public Health in December 2020, is a buildout of unfinished space that was created as part of our future plans when we built what was called the Hospital of the Future in 2012.


new operating rooms

OR/Interventional Construction

Pediatric Specialty Practices Expanded
in Pittsfield and Northampton

Children’s specialty care services were expanded to provide care closer to young patients’ homes. Pittsfield: Baystate Children’s Specialty Center provides three outreach clinics through our partnership with Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA. Gastroenterology physicians provide care two full days per month. A weekly pediatric cardiology clinic is held which also includes pediatric echosonography studies if needed. Pediatric endocrinology care, including certified diabetes educators, is provided every other Friday. Northampton: Pediatric gastroenterologists see patients in Northampton weekly on Thursdays. Specialists in pediatric endocrinology see patients two Thursdays a month in Northampton with the clinic also including a diabetic educator.

New Model of Care Launched in Eastern Region

Convenient Care, which was launched and is an extension of Baystate Primary Care-Palmer, is a model of care dedicated to meeting the needs of the local community through a collaboration among primary care, specialty care and ancillary providers. This addition complemented our vibrant, comprehensive primary care and multi-specialty practice provided at the Baystate Health & Wellness Center-Palmer. Convenient Care offers same-day, walk-in treatment for current patients and community members seeking care for common medical conditions including sports injuries and sprains, seasonal allergies, skin rashes and urinary tract infections. Providers also offer appointments for patients managing chronic conditions that affect everyday life including hypertension, diabetes, COPD and asthma.

New Model of Care Launched in Eastern Region

Baystate Home Health and Hospice

In 2021, a new program for General Inpatient Hospice went live at Baystate Medical Center. This new program streamlined the referral process, allowing collaboration of the hospice and hospital teams to provide qualifying inpatients with expert hospice care and support. Hospice is focused on comfort and quality of life for a patient facing death. Hospice support is provided by a multidisciplinary hospice team including the hospice medical director, nurse, social worker, and chaplaincy. Hospice also provides the family with 13 months of bereavement care after their loved one passes. Learn more about Baystate Home Health & Hospice.


months of bereavement care after their loved one passes provided to family

High Level Orthopedic Care at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Orthopedic care was enhanced at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, with the addition of board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Colin S. Cooper, MD, joining the medical staff. Dr. Cooper (photo below) joined Baystate Franklin as part of the New England Orthopedic Surgeons’ (NEOS) expansion of care in the Franklin County area with services that include arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, and hip, as well shoulder arthroplasty and fracture care.

Dr. Colin Cooper, Orthopedic Care
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Improved Safety Response to Sepsis

Our safety measures, focused on the prevention of the systemic inflammatory response to infection known as sepsis, along with standard rates of healthcare-associated infections, improved. Rates of sepsis were compared to national databases, and our adherence to protocols to diagnose and prevent the condition was assessed. Adherence to these protocols increased throughout the year. Improvements were seen in many areas including central line-associated bloodstream infections, surgical site infections for hysterectomy, and infections related to antibiotic resistant organisms.

Rapid Treatment of Stroke and Aneurysm Victims Expanded

Neuroendovascular coverage for emergency treatment of stroke and aneurysm patients was expanded as a result of a partnership with UMass Memorial Health. This complemented successful rebuilding efforts in the Division of Neuroscience. In addition, a dedicated neuroendovascular clinic was established at Baystate Medical Center. This increased access to outpatient care for patients with a broad range of cerebrovascular conditions.

Doctors Analyzing Stroke Data

Enhanced Safety at The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

The Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, a midwife-drive team committed to the safety of its patients, partnered with the Perinatal-Neonatal Quality Improvement Network of Massachusetts in 2020-2021 to lesson the risk of maternal hemorrhage. This brought enhanced safety for all birthing patients at Baystate Franklin by preventing maternal hemorrhage with careful risk assessment from admission through the postpartum period, measuring quantitative blood loss (QBL) for all cesarean births and moderate/high risk for hemorrhage vaginal births, creating a hemorrhage response cart, and creating a detailed OB Hemorrhage management plan. In FY2021, 98% of patients had the risk assessment done and 94% of cesarean births had QBL measured.


of patients had the risk assessment done

Ambulatory Team Implemented Guidelines for COVID-19 Patients

The ambulatory team implemented standard work and comprehensive guidelines for the screening for COVID-19 and care of COVID-19 patients. These guidelines were successfully spread throughout our 90 ambulatory care practices. The team successfully implemented and operationalized a safety mitigation tool across the BH Ambulatory sites keeping both patients and staff safe.


ambulatory care practices

NICU Nurses with Baby

Baystate Children’s Hospital Reduced Serious Harm Events

Baystate Children’s Hospital (BCH) is part of Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS), a national collaborative of >145 children’s hospitals sharing best practices and tracking outcomes data to reduce serious harm to children. In 2021, BCH reduced serious harm events by 10% compared to 2020. The greatest reductions were seen in two particular hospital acquired conditions or events: peripheral intravenous infiltrates and extravasations (PIVIE) and unplanned extubations. Serious PIVIE events decreased by 57%: this work was presented at the SPS National (virtual) Learning Session in May 2021, and the BCH PIVIE poster was selected as the “People’s Choice Award.” This success has led to adoption of these practices for adult patients at Baystate Medical Center. Unplanned extubations (UE) decreased 40%, which reflects a decrease from a rate of 1.7 UEs per 100 ventilation days to 0.4 UEs per 100 ventilation days. This current rate is now below the network hospital rate.


decrease in serious PIVIE events

Targeted Improvement Actions Enhanced Safety

In 2021, the implementation of a Difficult Airway Response Team (DART) was implemented to enhance resuscitation efforts and airway management at the bedside. An Overnight Coverage Safety Team was also established to support safe care during the overnight time by creating a short-term process for obtaining timely vascular access. Teams have also been chartered to establish a comprehensive Vascular Access Service.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol Enacted

The surgical service implemented an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocol. ERAS focuses on patient education, protocols for expectant pain and nausea management, regional anesthesia and a variety of standard practices to reduce post-operative complications. This work has been demonstrated to speed recovery and lower complications. The work began in Cardiovascular Surgery and extended in 2021 to Thoracic, Orthopedic, Bariatric, Colorectal, Breast, Gynecologic and General Surgery.

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Interpreters Bridged the Language Gap

In 2021, over 226,000 language interpreter sessions helped patients and families better understand their care – more than a 10% increase in one year. Interpretation took place in person, over the phone, and via video amid the various waves of COVID-19. Providers were able to conduct video and telephonic interpretation sessions via a new integration in the patients’ electronic medical record, increasing the volume of interpreted telehealth calls exponentially. Our nationally certified translators translated more than 4,500 pages of patient-related information, helping to ensure that our patients were well-informed about their health condition(s) and how to care for those conditions in simple terms and in a language they understood.


language interpreter sessions helped patients and families better understand their care

Welcome in multiple languages

Baystate Noble Hospital Emergency Department Recognized

The Baystate Noble Hospital Emergency Department’s achievement of a Level 3 Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation spotlighted our efforts to advance our level of emergency care and to providing inclusive and patient-centered care for senior patients in Westfield and the surrounding communities.

Health New England Enhanced Experience

Health New England (HNE) is central to the Baystate Health vision of being able to accept and manage financial risk for an assigned population. This includes not only traditional insurance activities of forecasting expenses and setting premium levels, but also the design of novel programs to reduce utilization and promote health and wellness.

In 2021, HNE made improvements in quality star scores in Medicaid (3 to 4), Commercial lines of business (3.5 to 4), and maintained the Medicare score of 4. HNE achieved a Net Promoter Score (range: -100 to +100) of 55 overall and 73 for Medicare members, which is well above the industry average of 19. Year over year membership growth was 11,600 or 6.9%. And, in 2021, HNE’s community benefits grants totaled $700,000, which were distributed to a variety of non-profit organizations dealing with housing insecurity, food insecurity, substance use disorder, childcare, education, and behavioral health needs in vulnerable populations.


in HNE’s community benefits grants

Health New England Logo

Clinical Ethics Services Offered Support to Families in Need

Consultations by the Clinical Ethics Service took place to assist patients, families and caregivers with difficult decisions related to patient and family conflicts, tensions around medical decision making between providers and patients, and allocation of scarce resources. The 1,700 consultations in 2021 were the most in the history of the service since its inception in 2013.


consultations were the most in the history of the service

GetWell Network Aided Inpatients

In 2021, the GetWell Network, an online platform for patients in the hospital, went live and offered expanded entertainment, on-line education, food ordering, and provider communications to patients. Deployed initially to 476 beds at Baystate Medical Center during the year, the platform was accessed by 17,000 patients and received an 86 percent satisfaction rating.


satisfaction rating

A Year Focused on Patient Experience

The year 2021 remained “all hands-on deck” navigating through the various waxes and wanes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Baystate Health was able to maintain family presence during all waves with the development of the visitation guidelines tier levels and support person role. The evolution of the guidelines became more compassionate as the pandemic progressed. Baystate Health participated in the Beryl Institute Research on the Impact on Visitation, Quality, Safety and Experience. Significant time and resources were focused on providing comfort rounds with the patient liaisons and additional staff deployed to support the Emergency Department (ED) waiting rooms during peak times. A new Baystate Medical Center ED Specialty Patient Family Advisory Council was formed to elevate the patient voice.

Telemedicine Helped Increase Access to Primary Care During Pandemic

The Primary Care service line responded to the community’s need for access to primary care during the pandemic by greatly enhancing utilization of telemedicine. The providers and practices continued to see new patients in a virtual environment to keep access to care intact despite COVID-19 restrictions. Same day visits increased via telemedicine with in-person testing and exams scheduled when needed. Senior wellness was a focus with annual wellness checks emphasized to identify gaps in care, discuss health care proxy and preventive services, and accurately identify chronic diseases.

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Academic Innovation

Inaugural Class of UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate Graduated

On June 6, we celebrated the first graduating class of UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate with fifteen students from our inaugural PURCH class. PURCH (Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health) program offers a pathway for medical students with an interest in under-served rural and urban communities. We renewed our commitment to the UMass Chan Medical School to serve as a regional campus for up to 40 students a year for the next six years. Annual funding of $3M will be provided by UMass Chan to cover teaching costs.

Graduating Class

Future Healthcare Providers Received Comprehensive Training

A recognized leader in educational innovation, Baystate Health has been training doctors since 1914. In 2021, 368 residents and fellows in 10 residency and 21 fellowship programs trained at Baystate. Baystate Health provided training to over 300 medical students completing clerkships and electives in various specialties, 900 nursing students, and over 225 allied health students from local colleges and universities who completed clinical training as part of their associate, baccalaureate, master’s and post-doctoral work.

nursing residency program

Nurse Residency Program Saw Growth in 2021

The Baystate Health Nurse Residency Program (BHNRP) continued to thrive in 2021, which brought a record number of enrollments into the program. This residency offers a collaborative learning approach designed to provide the knowledge base and skill set needed to successfully transition into the role of a professional nurse. Throughout the year, 138 nurse residents graduated from the program and an additional 235 nurse residents actively engaged in the program. The BHNRP successfully achieved reaccreditation in 2021 as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation. The BHNRP makes up four of thirteen sites in Massachusetts offering Nurse Residency Programs and one of 218 practice transition programs nationally to receive ANCC accreditation. In 2021, the program also achieved national recognition as an Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP) through the U.S. Department of Labor.


138 nurse residents graduated from the Nurse Residency Program

Research at Baystate Improved Care

Faculty from the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School-Baystate published 246 peer-reviewed articles in 2021, acquiring and disseminating new knowledge to a broad audience. These original research findings will be used to improve the care we deliver to patients. Our Clinical Trials Unit at 80 Wason Ave. began to enroll and support patients participating in studies of new treatments in spring 2021. The Clinical Trials Office currently manages 25 active clinical studies at the site.


peer-reviewed articles published in 2021

Midwifery Education Program Contributed to Care in the Region

The Baystate Midwifery Education Program graduated five students in 2021, despite disruptions caused by the global pandemic. The program continues to make significant contributions to the workforce and care in the region with two graduates joining Springfield midwifery practices. A class of five students started in September 2021 and four students headed into their final semester in January 2022. New technology was installed to support remote and hybrid classes, though most of the education was able to be held in the classroom setting at UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate. The midwives of Baystate Midwifery and Women’s Health provided clinical education for the students without interruption in 2021.

BSEP Helped Students from the Community Pursue Education

In the entirety of 2021, Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership (BSEP) educational programming remained virtual. The BSEP program provides hospital-based learning experiences for high school students from the City of Springfield and prepares them for healthcare careers. BSEP ran courses for 203 students, primarily residents of Springfield. During the summer, BSEP provided theme-based workshops for 53 students, coordinated 28 summer internships at Baystate Medical Center, and placed three students in work experiences. Watch a public service announcement BSEP students created to promote the COVID vaccine at the end of the summer. During the summer of 2021, Baystate Health hired 24 BSEP interns. Eleven continued to work at Baystate Health in roles such as medical assistant, patient care technician, or lab technician, and another five remain active in our HR system with plans to work during college breaks in the coming year. Overall, more than 135 former BSEP students have been hired as employees at Baystate Health. BSEP has awarded a total of $25,000 in scholarships to 25 alumni of the program in 2021 for undergraduate and graduate education. The eleven-year total of scholarships awarded now exceeds $750,000.


total of scholarships awarded over eleven-years

Best Place to Work

Forbes 2021 America's Best-State-Employers Logo

Baystate Health Named a Top Massachusetts Employer by Forbes

Baystate Health for the third year in a row, was named one of America’s Best-In-State Employers in Forbes annual ranking. Baystate is listed in the Massachusetts ranking among employers such as Starbucks, FedEx, and Proctor and Gamble. Forbes partners with market research company Statista on the annual list of America’s Best Employers by State. The list was compiled by surveying 80,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 500 employees. Surveys were conducted on a rolling basis from October 2020 to June 2021 and were anonymous, allowing participants to freely share their opinions. The final list ranks the 1,330 employers nationwide that received the most recommendations.

Forgivable Loans Supported Nursing Education

In 2021, Baystate Health provided 28 nurses with forgivable nursing loans towards earning their ADN, BSN, master's, DNP, or PhD in nursing. The program was established in 2002 and to-date has supported nearly 630 RNs and student nurses providing more than $2,450,000 in forgivable loans.


nurses received forgivable nursing loans from Baystate Health in 2021

Baystate Celebrates: Gratitude Was Flowing in 2021

Building a culture of belonging, Baystate Health provides opportunities for patients and colleagues to share gratitude through digital recognition called Baystate Celebrates. Throughout 2021, more than 42,000 recognitions, congratulations and celebrations were made through Baystate Celebrates, in addition to other awards and recognitions throughout the year. Often the most powerful recognitions are from peers who witness care and compassion up close: “Thank you so much…for going above and beyond in a patient’s final moments, and not only staying with her until her final breath, but also praying over her and being with her in place of her family members due to COVID.”


recognitions, congratulations and celebrations were made through Baystate Celebrates

Baystate Neighbors Program

Baystate Neighbors Program Helped Employees Purchase their First Homes

As of 2021, 23 employees were awarded forgivable loans to purchase their first home through the Mark R. Tolosky Baystate Neighbors Program. This Baystate Health benefit provides forgivable loans to employees purchasing their first homes in the communities surrounding Baystate Health hospitals. To-date, the program has provided more than $2.4 million in forgivable home loans.


employees were awarded forgivable loans to purchase their first home

Health New England Earned WELCOA Well Workplace Bronze Award

Health New England received the Bronze Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and was recognized as one of the nation’s healthiest companies in 2021 for their organizational commitment to health promotion. The WELCOA Well Workplace Award is designed to showcase organizations that are taking an impactful and innovative approach to workplace well-being.

Health New England Wins WorkWell Massachusetts Award

Health New England’s Healthy Directions workplace wellness program won the 2021 WorkWell Massachusetts Award (sponsored by Healthiest Employers®) in the small group category for exemplary worksite health promotion. The award recognizes Health New England’s achievements in developing, implementing and participating in corporate health improvement and wellness programs.

Increased Efforts Confronting Racism, Bias and Making Sustainable Change

Confronting racism and bias is critical to achieving Baystate Health’s mission. Throughout 2021 Baystate Health focused on reducing health disparities, growing a more diverse workforce, and improving family prosperity in marginalized communities. The Structural Inclusion Workgroup, which includes over 60 people across the organization, began examining policies, practices and systems to remove barriers and advance equity. Specifically, Baystate Health made progress in increasing the number of Black and Hispanic/Latino leaders, providers, and direct care nurses to better reflect the community. Additionally, Baystate’s LGBTQ+ Pride Business Resource Group led Baystate’s participation in the Human Rights Campaign Health Equality Index Survey and has plans for continued listening and improvements in the experience of LGBTQ+ employees, patients and families. Baystate also commemorated Juneteenth for the first time, with a week-long employee and community celebration, designed and led by our Black Employees Connecting Business Resource Group.

Juneteenth Shirts
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Community Connections

Investments Created a Healthier Community

The Baystate Health Better Together Grant targets social determinants of health and improves people’s overall well-being, making our communities healthier places to live in. In 2021, Baystate Health awarded $1.2 million in Better Together Grants to 17 community-based nonprofit organizations as part of its Community Benefits Program. These funding decisions were made in partnership with our hospital Community Benefits Advisory Councils and a diverse group of grant review teams. Funding for the 2021 Better Together Grants was made possible through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Determination of Need (DoN) requirements. The 2021 grantees were: Community Action Pioneer Valley, Just Roots, Musica Franklin, Stone Soup Café, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke, Inc., Girl’s Inc. of Pioneer Valley, Project Coach, ROCA, Community Adolescent Resource and Education (CARE) Center, Inc., Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Mental Health Association & CORE of Greater Westfield, Town of Blandford, Quaboag Hills Community Coalition, Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation, Greater Springfield Senior Services, Alzheimer’s Association, and The Literacy Project.

Patient Portal Enhanced Communication

In 2021, the MyBaystate patient portal, an app that gives Baystate Health patients a convenient way to access and manage their health information, was expanded reaching over 123,000 users. Seventy percent sign in at least monthly. The app was enhanced to include provider messaging, prescription refill management, lab retrieval, and requests for appointments. MyBaystate’s digital health experience was created based on patient surveys and focus groups.


users of MyBaystate patient portal

Remote Monitoring Program Increased Satisfaction for High-Risk Pregnancy Patients

During the pandemic, Baystate Health was awarded grant dollars to implement a new patient care program. Baystate Department of OB/Gyn implemented Babyscripts, a remote patient monitoring program for high-risk pregnancies. Since it started, the program has expanded to over 600 patients, including a high-risk postpartum program. The engagement level and patient and provider satisfaction have been positive. Patient feedback included statements such as “I love this program!” and “It helps me plan and I feel safer.”


patients in Babyscripts remote patient monitoring program

Community Members Named Baystate Health #1

For the fifth consecutive year, Baystate Medical Center has been recognized as "Best Local Hospital" in The Republican and MassLive's Reader Raves contest!

Community Needs Guided Medical Student Projects

Medical students in Baystate's Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health track were embedded in local community service organizations for two weeks as part of their Population and Community Health Clerkship. Their projects – including, substance use in rural areas, gun violence, the digital divide for Spanish speakers, and food deserts – focused on priorities identified by the communities in which they were based. Students discussed their projects in a virtual presentation to legislators, community members, and faculty. Each presentation culminated in an advocacy pitch—a recommendation based on students’ interactions with agency staff and clients, and research about health issues and populations that were the focus of their project. Ten teams, some of which also included pharmacy students and residents, collaborated with organizations in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties, and the upper Quabbin region—Baystate Health's service area.

Wellness on Wheels Bus

WOW Bus Wowed the Community

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Baystate Health Wellness on Wheels (WOW) bus made possible through a generous grant from TD Bank, was able to sustain our initial community partner relationships (New North Citizen’s Council, Edgewater Apartments, Springfield Housing Authority, Square One and MLK Jr. Family Services) as well as develop new partnerships including the Town of Ware. In 2021, the WOW bus team and mobile vaccination team were able to address the acuity of COVID-19 by providing testing and vaccinations while simultaneously addressing chronic disease prevention education. With this collaboration the WOW bus held 14 events. The mobile team administered 266 COVID-19 vaccines and the WOW bus education team was also able to survey 83 community members regarding their health needs. Additionally, as the new UMass Chan Medical School - Baystate mobile health classroom, the WOW bus hosted 37 student volunteers totaling over 110 hours in 2021. The WOW Bus and mobile vaccination team received Spirit of Springfield's Golden Spatula Award at the 2021 Pancake Breakfast for their service to the community.

Over 110

volunteer hours

Couple Hugging at Rays of Hope Event

Community Supported Baystate Health Through the Baystate Health Foundation

  • In calendar year 2021, BHF raised $7.2 million and distributed $8.2 million back into the health system. Breakdown for BHF Calendar Year 2021 Contributions were as follows:
    • Annual Giving: 11%
    • Events: 24%
    • Foundations (Grants): 1%
    • Major Gifts: 37%
    • Planned Giving: 27%
  • Baystate Health Foundation received a gift to create Baystate Health’s first named endowed chair – the Burkman Endowed Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, held by Dr. Heather Sankey. She was recruited to Baystate by former OB/GYN Chair Dr. Ronald Burkman and continues to be mentored by him today.
  • Paul Cohen made a $1 million gift in his will to support Heart & Vascular care and honor his BH primary care physician, Dr. John Bedford.
  • Al and Jackie Rodriguez closed out their second year as the first husband and wife and Latino co-chairs of the Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer, celebrating another successful year for their Rays of Hope team, Las Luchadoras!
  • Baystate Children’s Hospital Golf Tournament had to take a hiatus in 2020, but came back in full force in 2021, even leading to a $10,000 gift after the event from an out-of-state golfer who wanted to support pediatric care in western Massachusetts.
  • Eighty-four donors recognized 155 Baystate Health team members with Gifts of Gratitude after they had outstanding experiences throughout the health system.
  • Stanley Teale, a former Baystate Health physician, turned 100 years old in 2021 and shortly after made a gift in honor of a colleague he worked with during the early days of his career – nurse Shirley Couch Fuller.
  • Donors were incredibly generous in their support of Baystate Health in 2021. Donations supported the purchase of equipment for our pediatric transport vehicle for our youngest patients who require emergency transportation; the purchase of tools for precision surgeries that require a microscope at Baystate Wing Hospital; a new pediatric crib and dental equipment for children at Baystate Franklin Medical Center; and LUCAS® chest compression devices for Baystate Noble Hospital. Baystate Health Foundation donors showed their generosity through outright gifts, bequest gifts, Gifts of Gratitude, event support, and tribute and memorial gifts. We are appreciative of each and every donor who chose to support Baystate Health in 2021!

The New Community Palliative Care Program Reached Hundreds of Patients

Baystate Home Health realized significant growth with its Community Palliative Care Program (CPC) in 2021. Throughout the year, the program was able to reach a system-wide goal of admitting over 250 new patients while creating a new awareness throughout the Baystate Community. The CPC program is an at-home, consultative model whereby a physician, advanced NPs and medical social workers render visits in coordination with a patient’s primary care physician with the sole purpose of managing chronic illness while having intentional discussions about end of life and/or advanced directives.

Virtual Toy Drive Banner

Virtual Toy Drives Brought Holiday Cheer During the Pandemic

Baystate Health hospitals held virtual holiday toy drives, inviting our employees to purchase and donate unwrapped toys, books, games, and other greatly needed items for children and families in our community. Beneficiary organizations included Baystate Community Health Centers at Mason Square, Brightwood and High Street, as well as Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services and New North Citizens' Council in Springfield, plus Community Action Pioneer Valley in Greenfield and Behavioral Health Network in Ware and Westfield.

Baystate Health Employee Donations Benefitted Local Students and Schools

Baystate Health employees generously participated in the various hospital Back-to-School school supply drives. Baystate Franklin Medical Center’s drive benefited the United Way of Franklin County’s Women's Way Annual Blooming Backpacks. Baystate Wing Hospital’s drive collected over 1,000 items to benefit Palmer, Ware and Quaboag Regional elementary schools. Baystate Noble Hospital purchased and donated over $500 worth of school supplies on behalf of its dedicated employees to the Abner Gibbs Elementary School in Westfield. Baystate Medical Center’s initiative included employee donations plus an organizational donation of additional “wish list” supplies that benefited six Springfield elementary schools: Brightwood, Lincoln, Gerena, DeBerry, Milton Bradley, and Margaret Ells. Collectively, over 300 classrooms, 450 teachers/staff, and 5,000+ students benefited from employee donations.

Over 1000

items collected in Baystate Wing Hospital Back-to-School supply drives

Baystate Health Invested in Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses

Baystate Health joined 11 other health systems nationwide in spring 2021 to sign an “Impact Purchasing Commitment” (IPC). This commitment was designed by the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN), in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, to increase spending in Diverse Business Enterprises (minority-owned and women-owned) by $1 billion to improve supplier diversity and build community wealth.